ManufactOn is a SaaS (mobile/web) platform that helps construction firms plan, track, and manage both prefabrication and regular material handling. Because it is cloud-based, ManufactOn makes information visible to all people and all companies involved in a project, including: coordinators, detailers, procurement, shop foremen, field superintendents, and project leaders.

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Taking the Terror out of Prefab – An Iterative Approach

Introducing prefabrication strategies does not have to be such a scary endeavor. Many builders are already aware of some of the benefits of prefabrication or modular construction. Prefab adoption for a construction project increases efficiency for both offsite and onsite assembly, resulting in savings for the overall project schedule and… Read More »

Reflection on Impact of New BIM Integrations with ManufactOn

Continue reading to learn more about ManufactOn’s VP of Customer Success, Steve Burri’s, reflection on the potential impact around our new BIM integrations. Autodesk Revit holds a special place in my heart. In 1999 I joined Revit Technology Corporation to head-up their support organization and continued the journey with Autodesk… Read More »

Product Updates – Fall 2017

Since our last post, ManufactOn has been very busy streamlining processes and workflows, providing easy ways to get informed on your production and supply chain and getting connected to BIM.  The update includes numerous feature requests, bug fixes, and performance enhancements throughout the entire app. Here are some of the… Read More »

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