Product Update – August 19, 2016

The ManufactOn August 19, 2016 release includes a number of new features and workflow enhancements continuing to streamline management of the supply chain.  The new features and enhancements include:

[New] Add Pictures & Documents From Mobile Devices

On the go?  Now you can add pictures or supported documents directly from your mobile device.  Upload items at any stage of the ManufactOn package.




[New] Company Project Settings:

When working in a collaborative environment it is critical to share certain relevant information, yet just as critical to be able to manage and control certain information independently.  To fully accommodate this we have created a new Company Project Settings, where a company can manage unique information for the project independent of other companies also working on the same project.




[New] Workflow to Move Production Orders Back to Coordination :

We get it, things happen, so just because something gets pulled into production does not mean the item will stay there.  To accommodate, we have added a new workflow button that allows you to move any item from the Detailing stage in production directly back to coordination, removing it from production entirely.



[New] Tracking Progress To Multiple Delivery Location

We know managing movement of items through multiple locations is painful, we want to make that easy!  We have added new controls to streamline this process to move from one location to the next.  Simply click on the edit (the blue pencil) when you need to update the move of item from one location to the next.  If an item needs to be returned, click on the backplane to send it back, it’s that easy!



[New] Visibility Control –  You should have the ability to control what information your tools display, allowing you to determine the most relevant and productive way to view critical information.  We have added a new column chooser to our Supply Chain Manager which will allow you to control specifically which information is displayed in your dashboard.  This functionality will soon be added to all dashboards on the project.



[New] Selection Tools in Runs 

New dialog to make it easier to manage large runs including the ability to select all or none for quick addition and management.