Product Update: Shipping Management & More!

Tracking complex shipments is about to get a whole lot easier!  In our new release, we have launched a new module focused around managing complex shipments.  We have also introduced new streamlined navigation ability and workflow enhancements making it even easier to break out your prefab plan into production orders.

[NEW] Shipping Management

Shipping management allows you to break up any production orders or multiple production orders to optimize and track deliveries.  Built to manage any Just-In-Time and complex delivery needs, the ManufactOn shipping tools allow complete flexibility and simplicity to plan and coordinate any delivery schedule.


  • Create shipping orders directly from manufacturing or QA:




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  • Include entire production orders or partial orders to optimize delivery and track specific delivery information per truck or shipment:




  • Quickly create delivery plans to manage delivery location, recipients, and dates.  Deliveries are built to handle both single location deliveries and situations that require one or more stops to accommodate for storage, staging, assembly, or any other delivery complexity:




  • Shipping dashboard integrated with the Supply Chain Manager allows you to manage shipments across a project, company, or locations to optimize Just-In-Time delivery.  Powerful search and filter sets allow you to drill down on the delivery items most important to you for easy trackability:



[NEW] Integrated Navigation

You may have noticed the new ‘hamburger’ icon on the top left of your screen.  This provides complete integrated navigation between all the different modules in the ManufactOn app.  You can now jump to any specific area from anywhere within the web app!




[NEW] Easy Button for Production Order Creation

You can now create production orders directly from your prefab planner card.  Create an order from the entire plan, or choose a sub-set of the plan to optimize production.  One step create lets you better manage scopes of work of any size.