Product Update: 6-14-17

Product Update: 6-14-17

ManufactOn’s newest updates have streamlined processes and workflows.  The update includes numerous feature requests, bug fixes, and performance enhancements throughout the entire app.

Here are some of the highlights!

Linked Projects

Coordinating across companies on a project has never been easier. ManufactOn now allows you to link projects from your company’s instance of ManufactOn to another company’s project in their instance.  We have taken great care in ensuring your data is secure and have provided the capability to make your cards and items in the linked project read-only if you’d like.

To get your project linked, contact and let him know:

“Parent” Project – Company Name          – Project Name
“Child” Project    
– Company Name          – Project Name

Before the projects are linked you’ll want to have an understanding of whether or not “Everyone” can edit orders (including users in from the linked project) or if only users from “My Company” should be able to edit orders; in which case those orders show-up as read-only


If the setting is set to “My Company” then others will be able to see some limited information about the card and items but will not be able to edit it in any way or drill into the details.


And remember, you can completely hide any card in Prefab Planning!  This also hides the items that are in planning.  Once those items move into coordination and beyond, they will become visible to members of the linked project and adhere to the rules of the project (i.e. “editable” or “Read Only”)

Item level display of Production Status in Supply Chain Manager

We’ve implemented the ability to see all the items for all the orders in Production Status to allow you to look at the specific items in process across all your orders for a single project or across multiple projects.

Excel Export of Production Status in Supply Chain Manager

In the Production Status view of Supply Chain Manager, data can now be exported to excel.  The resulting data will be WYSIWYG, so be sure you apply the filters you want and have the level of detail you need (“card “or “item” level) prior to the export


…and here’s the best part!  You can continue to work in ManufactOn while the export continues in the background.  Once the export is complete and the excel file is ready, the system will mail it to you!

Excel Import for Material Items can now include links to Documents

As with Production Orders, Material order items can now be imported from excel with a URL link to any associated documents.

Item level import during Detailing Stage

Since it is not always possible to know exactly what items are going to be required when you are in Planning and Coordination, ManufactOn has added the ability to add one at a time, or perform an import from excel, those items which are identified during the Detailing stage to be required for the prefab.  Of course every prefab item must be tracked by a Planning card, so ManufactOn allows you to identify to which prefab package the items should belong.

Material Management for mobile

The latest update of the Mobile app has the ability to access Material Orders via your handheld device!