Product Updates – Fall 2017

Product Updates – Fall 2017

Since our last post, ManufactOn has been very busy streamlining processes and workflows, providing easy ways to get informed on your production and supply chain and getting connected to BIM.  The update includes numerous feature requests, bug fixes, and performance enhancements throughout the entire app.

Here are some of the highlights!

BIM Integration

From early planning all the way through delivery, the ManufactOn integrations with both Revit and the Forge viewer, being able to visualize and share the plans and reality of industrialized construction is now available.

The two way connectivity of the ManufactOn plug-in for Revit makes associating prefabrication item in ManufactOn in Revit or CREATING those item from Revit back to ManufactOn simple.  Once the connection is made, the model becomes a virtual, model-based, real-tim “dashboard” of your project’s supply chain.

Want to share this information to a wider audience?  Upload your model to BIM 360 Docs and leverage the power and simplicity of the Forge Viewer to provide easily consumed, real-time updates of Production and Delivery status for your projects.

Contact for access to the plug-in and information on the integration.


Our new Home page is all about being able to consume large amounts of data in a comprehensive view…

… from items overdue, to look-aheads for Production Orders, Material Orders and Shipping Orders for items in any stage of the process…

… to what has changed recently…

… to reviewing notifications for both yourself and across the entire project…

Calendar View from Production Orders

Want a calendar view of of your production orders and deliveries?  Now you can export any Production Status, Material Status or Shipping Status view to an .ics file to be imported into Google Calendar or Calendar and shared with your entire project team!

Excel Output Extended to Shipping Orders

Now in addition to being able to export excel from the Production Manager and Material Manager view in Supply Chain Manager, The Shipping Orders and Checklist views now also supports excel output.

Level and Zone

To allow you to be able to effectively sort by Level and Zone, we’ve implemented pre-set level and zone names to allow you to select them from a drop-down rather than free text.

For existing projects, you can continue to use free text, or use the existing levels and zones established in the project to pre-populate the project settings

Once the Levels and Zones are set-up applying and sorting by them is as easy as picking-and clicking.

User Interface

We’ve finished what we started!  After receiving some great feedback on the new interface we implemented in our last major release in Prefab Planner, we’ve gone ahead and moved forward with those same changes throughout the entire product.  Again, those changes are:

First, you’ll notice that the “Card View” option is now gone as it had limited use, so we’ve defaulted all of the views to “List View” and moved what had been “Card View” only functions to a new ellipse button to the right of each order.

Second, When it comes time to move orders, those ellipses turn into arrows, eliminating the “Move Order” dialog box and eliminating the need to refind the order you want to move.

Finally, “locked headers” are now available throughout the product so when you scroll down a list of orders, you can still see the column headers at the top.  Not only that, but we have provided you the ability to dynamically resize the column headers so you can see what you need to see for every view.


More Critical Dates

Now when you move items from Coordination into Detailing, ManufactOn will ask you when this order needs to be detailed by to be able to set schedules and track your progress and compliance.  The same is true for items being moved from Detailing to Manufacturing, ManufactOn will ask you when this order needs to be Manufactured by.