Hey All!

We’ve done it again! A new release of ManufactOn, both on the web and in the mobile stores, has been released to the wild!

New Web Interface

The new UI really brings the important stuff to the top (and front) and focuses the user on the most important information they need at each stage.  Some highlights include:

  • All critical dates are now in the header
  • Notes are now available “on the front of the card”
  • Nothing is (hidden) below the “Items” list anymore
  • The Checklist now has its own dedicated tab

Email notifications

OK, so some of you still like to get email, we get it!  Now in addition to push notifications to your phone, you can opt in to receive emails, real time, when push notifications are sent.

Project & Project Team Import

Now its much simpler to get a lot of projects and team members from your ERP or other systems into ManufactOn without a lot of manual entry.  We have a new option to import projects and team members from a simply formatted excel file.

Document Visibility

If you’ve invited key stakeholders on your project who are not part of your company to a ManufactOn project, making your company confidential document only available to your company team members has never been easier;  Just click on “Private” as you upload the document.

New Mobile Interface

The mobile app has undergone a bit of a face-lift as well.  We focused on four main themes in our effort to make the mobile experience “one-click-simple”:

  • Flatten – We’ve made having to drill into the app to get to the data you want less necessary and brought the important stuff to the surface for you.
  • Clarify – Where it is not possible or practical to flatten, we’ve made it much more obvious where to click to get what you need
  • Consolidate – All the documents are now found under the Docs tab, all the notes are found under the Notes tab, regardless of where they were saved or what they are connected to
  • Checklist – We’ve made the checklists for each order available in context to the order in the mobile ap