It’s time to start-in on realizing some new-year’s resolutions… like a fresh new face, some new Inventory Management tools and enhancement to Shipping!

New UI

We’ve got a fresh new look for a vast majority of our interface. No major changes in the way you interact with the software, but things should be cleaner and a bit peppier with these changes.

General Inventory

Not all of the inventory you manage in your shop is initially purchased for a specific project. Lots of common stock items are purchased in advance and then distributed out as necessary. ManufactOn’s new General Inventory function allows you to track those items independent of a project, and then distribute them out to projects need them.

Equally as important, remainder stock from completed projects can be moved back into general inventory for use on other projects.

And, in those, hopefully rare, but important cases where you need to borrow from Peter to pay Paul, you can take stock from one active project and move it into another project, all the while tracking the levels of those goods and placing new material orders as necessary.

New Shipping UI

Shipping and receiving has become a core feature within ManufactOn. We’ve received some great feedback and taken the workflow to the next level of ease by simplifying, simplifying, simplifying.

Until next time…