Summer slow-down? What summer slow-down! ManufactOn is full steam ahead with our second big release of the month and a bunch of new features that should just make life within the product simpler, easier and, believe it or not, even MORE productive.

Splitting Orders in Detailing

Sometimes even the most coordinated plans aren’t exactly right. There are times the BIM and detailing teams discover something about an order which makes it necessary to turn one order into two orders. Now splitting orders in detailing is as easy as click, click, click!

Setting-up Default Runs & Setting your Landing Tab

For a lot of jobs, the steps needed to complete the orders are the same! “Cut, Weld, Assemble”… “Build, Package”… “Bundle, QA”… etc. so why not have all your orders use the same runs as they are created?! Now you can! Pre-defining company and project level runs, for orders which will be productivity tracked or not is simple and powerful!

In addition to that, because the default runs will automatically be entered into each orders, projects can be set-up to take users to the “Items” Tab rather than the “Runs” tab when they enter.

Re-Ordering Runs

Sometimes special orders come in or a process changes to help optimize your workflow or insert a quality check and you need to add a run to the process. Adding a run to an order will add it to the bottom of the list, but you MAY need that run to be step 2 or 3 or 10 in your process. Now select the “Reorder Runs” toggle and drag and drop your new run to the right location in the process.

Document and Note Retention during a “Move Back” Process.

Occasionally, issues are identified during manufacturing, especially for a new order type that you are building. When that happens, orders may need to be moved back from Manufacturing to Detailing to undergo additional work. All the work documents and notes added during the Manufacturing stage may still be applicable, so now ManufactOn will retain those notes and documents and let the users choose what should be kept and what should be removed.

Saving Column Widths

Sometimes it’s the little things, isn’t it? And not having to re-adjust your column width for the pages you visit most often is going to make you smile!

Updated Filtering Process

Have you ever needed to set a few filters and noticed that ManufactOn is updating the list before you finish? Or needed to turn on a filter for all of the projects, status, stages, etc. except one or two ? That’s a lot of clicking and waiting for refresh. WELL NO MORE! Now you can “select all” of a specific category of filters (and then unselect just one or two) AND ManufactOn will not update your list until you tell it to!

Again, sometimes it is the little things!

Until next time…