PRODUCT UPDATE – September 2019

PRODUCT UPDATE – September 2019

We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! Here at ManufactOn it was a labor of love as we continue to march on this summer with yet another great release.

We’ve got a smorgasbord of new features spanning the gambit from additional access to the model from Manufacton, additional management tools for your master material catalog and expanded data for reporting Productivity at your shop.

Model Access

Manufacton has extended where and to what level you can access the Model from the interface. Now, for orders, and even items within an order, which are linked to model objects, you can access and view the model from Supply Chain Manager in a few different ways.

In addition, we’ve got a tighter integration into BIM 360 Docs to make connecting your ManufactOn project to your model even easier!

Managing Master Inventory Catalog

ManufactOn has made it even easier to manage your master list of standard parts that your procurement team most frequently purchases for the shop. It’s now much easier to archive a bunch of master inventory items that you may never use again, unarchive those which do come back into play.

Once those items become a reality in your inventory, it is now possible to find them through a more flexible search…

…AND its possible to remove those which have dropped to zero (0) and will not be replaced.

Additional Productivity Data

Now in Productivity Tracking, it is possible to tell when a run-item has been completed. This information will also be included as part of an export.

So as you can see, the fruits of our labor was wide and deep this release, and you and your teams will be reaping the benefits.

Until next time…