PRODUCT UPDATE – October 2019

The Manufacton brand is sporting a new look, and the application is sporting a bunch of new and game changing functions and workflows!

Improved Release to Inventory Workflow from Shipping

Just because your are receiving a shipment at your “Receiving Bay” does not mean that is where those materials should live! Now, Manufacton allows you to receive in one location and store in another with one simplified workflow.

Templating 2.0

Templates in Manufacton have been making the creation of production orders quick and simple! So much so, that our fantastic customers have asked for more and more from templates! Who are we to say no? Some of the new and cool things that our new templating can do include (but is not limited to):

  • Templates for Material Orders
  • Predefining date offsets for Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Detailing & Coordination dates based on the On-Site date
  • Templates can be applied in Coordination

New privileges

Have you ever wanted to make sure certain team members were automatically added to all new projects, but didn’t want to make them an administrator? Well, now, with the new Member Privileges, you can do that AND identify who should receive low inventory notifications as well as identify who should be notified when members are archived or added to/from a project.

Combine Orders in Detailing

Manufacton is as agile as you need it to be, allowing you to split orders and add items to orders as the teams work to optimize production. But sometime teams need to combineorders to create efficiencies and now they can!

Auto Include All Runs for New Items

Continuing on the theme of being agile, now when you add items to an order in Detailing or Manufacturing, Manufacton automatically adds all of the runs in that order to that item.

Enhanced Productivity Tracking

Up until now, you could track the productivity of your shop one-job-at-a-time. But for many shops, the production steps between jobs are very similar if not identical, so getting a cross-project report on productivity would be useful. And now you Can! For every project that has productivity turned on, you can get, the standard single project, multi-project, or all-project report at the shop, order, run, and run-item level of detail!

Incrementing and Decrementing General Inventory

In August we introduced the ability to increment and decrement inventory for Inventory Managers within specific projects. As of this release, we are extending that capability to your General Inventory as well.

Procore Embedded Experience

Manufacton has had a procore integration for some time. The linkage between Procore and Manufacton has gotten even stronger now with a very cool Manufacton app within Procore to enable an embedded experience for those Manufacton <=> Procore projects which have been linked.