This release is a potpourri of functions focussed on Inventory management!

Customized Unit Measures

Manufacton has been designed to support many diverse trades; all of which use very different terms to define their units of measures! From pounds to linear feet to carts to skids to crates to bunks, and on and on… you name it! However you measure it, Manufacton can track it with the ability to customize units for your company!

Active Supplier Tracking

If your company has preferred supplies or even required vendors, it is important to make note of that in your catalog and material orders. With this new feature, setting and tracking those supplier is simple!

Advanced Inventory Look-up During Material Ordering

Wouldn’t it be great if, before you ordered new materials, you could find out if and how much of that material you already have? (spoiler alert, the answer is “yes”!)

Now, during material preparation, there is a “calculate” button to which will perform a look-up across your inventory to let you know what’s in stock, what’s in storage, what’s been reserved and what’s in delivery.

The more you know about your inventory, the leaner you can be!

QR Customizations

Manufacton’s QR system is revolutionizing the industry! The label itself can provide textual information with regards to the item. Up to five fields can be pre-set for each type of item and order can be set. This is awesome, unless you really only have two, three or four properties you want to share on the card.

Now, with this latest release, you can hide any field you want to show as much or as little information on the label as you would like.

Enhanced Shipping Alerts

When you have planned, and more likely, when you have unplanned partial shipments, it’s important that those materials which have yet to be scheduled show-up front and center as needing attention!

Manufacton has implemented an simple yet effective alert within shipping manager; a simple “!” on any order which has unscheduled items within it which need to be scheduled. The more you know about your shipments (and unscheduled shipments) the better you can manage them.

Friendly Names for linked documents

Lastly, and unrelated to your inventory, it is now possible to import “FRIENDLY NAMES” to linked documents making it much easier for your teams to understand exactly what the link is!

That’s all for this week!

One final note to all the brave and honorable military troops and families around the world… A heartfelt “THANK YOU” from all of us at Manufacton.