A New Embedded Experience with Procore

Today Manufacton announced a partnership to extend the construction supply chain by connecting general contractors with specialty contractors and accelerating the AEC industry transformation to industrialized construction. Through the newly launched Embedded Experience on the Procore platform, the Manufacton product is now available as an embedded solution inside Procore. The Manufacton… Read More »


Summer slow-down? What summer slow-down! ManufactOn is full steam ahead with our second big release of the month and a bunch of new features that should just make life within the product simpler, easier and, believe it or not, even MORE productive. Splitting Orders in Detailing Sometimes even the most… Read More »


With the unofficial introduction to Summer behind us, we’d like to welcome the OFFICIAL introduction to Shipping 2.0 with Manufacton… along with some new amazing Inventory functions and, Introducing the new Master Catalog function! The theme of this release is “SIMPLICITY” ! SHIPPING Have you ever received an order that unexpectedly… Read More »