As an industry with data silos all over the place, easily transporting data and information from one system to another is critical.  ManufactOn has expanded our capabilities to provide even more robust abilities to import data into ManufactOn.

[NEW] Column Merging on Import

We have built into our custom import mapping tool the ability to merge columns on import into a single ManufactOn field. On the import tool, simply select the columns you would like to be merged in the ManufactOn field select and once the import is completed all the columns selected will be imported as one combined text field.

Import from Excel

Column Selection

Import Results

[NEW] Excel Import of Checklist Items

Checklist in ManufactOn can be used to track or manage any action item or workflow requirements related to a ManufactOn production order. In this release you are now able to import the checklist items directly from excel.

import checklist


[IMPROVED] Stage filters in Supply Chain Manager

We have made the ability to filter out items by stage even easier.  By default all items show up in supply chain manager, including items still in the planning phase.  Each user can set the items that they want to see and that filter is saved until changed by the user.  It is the ultimate dashboard providing instant access to any material or prefab item tracked in ManufactOn.

SCM import blog