With the unofficial introduction to Summer behind us, we’d like to welcome the OFFICIAL introduction to Shipping 2.0 with Manufacton… along with some new amazing Inventory functions and, Introducing the new Master Catalog function!

The theme of this release is “SIMPLICITY” !


Have you ever received an order that unexpectedly had less than planned? Of course, ship happens! But how you manage that “surprise” can be the difference between and major upset and just another, smooth running day.

For both planned and unplanned, inbound and outbound partial shipments, the new Shipping functions can support it all!

Splitting outbound shipments is as easy as providing the actual quantity being shipped…

…and receiving inbound partial shipment is as easy as providing the actual quantity being received!


With ManufactOn’s new Master Catalog function, controlling and managing your material orders and identifying what materials are in stock and where is simple. Entering and managing the Master Catalog is now part of your ManufactOn Company Profile.

And leveraging that catalog to your own company standards is… you guessed it… SIMPLE!


Now all of your materials in inventory, which have a “Catalog ID” can have a QR code printed for them. That QR can be placed on the bin/rack/shelf where that inventory is being stored, be scanned on a mobile device (via a web browser) and the quantity of that stock item can be decremented as it is taken. Simply ensuring your inventory quantities in ManufactON reflect reality!

Welcome to Summer! Until next time…