So far, Fall has been an EXTREMELY productive season for us at ManufactOn!

And speaking of Productivity!  At long last and with much fanfare, ManufactOn introduces Productivity Tracking into the long list of features and modules which make your business smarter, more efficient and more in control!


At every level of granularity, from an overview of your Project, right down to every item through every production run, ManufactOn gives you the ability to first plan your production and then measure against it to see how things are going IN REAL TIME!

We’ve spent a lot of time, energy and effort to make the process so simple that your busy production teams can capture this critical information with virtually no effort.  Mobile optimized capture of actual time at the time the production run is being completed ensures that the data is as accurate and as up-to-date as possible.  We even give you the ability to track partially complete runs for items to account for shift-changes, breaks, etc.

… but that’s not all…


Are there certain, critical production orders or items that you need to track closely?  Now you can!  With one click, you can select exactly which production orders you need to be notified of when critical dates, stages, owners, etc. are updated as the order moves through the process.