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For modular builders to control the Design-Manufacturing-Construction process with advanced production, materials and installation management.

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Production Management

  • Track progress of production, material consumption and labor productivity with mobile and web
  • Prioritize and plan factory production across projects, lines and stations
  • Perform in-line and final product QA with configurable forms
  • Provide real-time visibility to connect factory with office and jobsite by scanning QR codes
  • Standardize product and process with “kit of parts” specifications, production recipes and installation instructions

Materials Management

  • Configure catalog of materials and building components
  • Generate BOMs and source materials from preferred vendors
  • Maintain project, production line, station, or general inventory
  • Track material stock levels, consumption, and reorder status
  • Manage material flow into factory for production or to jobsite for installation 


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manufacton image

Installation Management

  • Drive material and production onsite delivery dates from schedule, pull plan 
  • Check real-time status of production and material orders
  • Generate ad-hoc material and production requests from the field
  • Organize shipments to jobsite with bill of lading for kits, bunks, modules, and site-installed materials
  • Receive, install and perform final system QA

Advanced Analytics

  • Build any type of custom report or dashboard that is specific to your organization. Real time Business Intelligence!
  • Analyze production backlog, factory output, project progress and vendor performance
  • Access all key data from Manufacton to be analyzed
  • Combine data from other systems and sources
  • Use any desired 3rd party tool to connect to the Manufacton data



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New Video Series

We have produced a video series to share more about what Manufacton does for Modular builders like you.

Manufacton YouTube


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