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Our cloud-based software helps you manage the entire design-manufacturing-construction (DMC) workflow—from planning, to design, to manufacturing and shipping. Increase productivity and efficiency with a single integrated view into production, scheduling, materials management and embedded QA.

Modular building is the future of the industry. Lean construction, advanced manufacturing and quality management are needed to innovate—and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Communication is a key factor in effective process management. Whether it’s communication between workflows, or communication between project stakeholders; Manufacton helps streamline those communication channels by making critical information easily accessible.

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Optimize Production

  • Digitize, standardize and track your production
  • Sync manufacturing dates from any source
  • Visualize factory Laggards and Leaders by run, station or people

  • Create material orders from design sources
  • Dynamically track materials and inventory
  • Manage adhoc material requests from the factory or the jobsite
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Collaborate with the Project Team

  • Communicate what is coming and when
  • Easily share site changes and schedules to all parties

Collaborate with the Project Team

  • Communicate what is coming and when
  • Easily share site changes and schedules to all parties
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Track and update schedules in real-time

Measure factory output with tracking and analytics

Maintain quality control at the source with QA/QC workflows

Use real-time delivery log to manage logistics, shipping and deliveries

Create material orders with BIM models and templates

Use QR codes to coordinate with suppliers and track materials

Monitor subcontractors’ material delivery status

Integrates with Autodesk BIM360 Docs to visualize status of the model

Integrates with BIM360 Docs to eliminate wasted time and static documents

Integrates with Procore to view Manufacton workflows within Procore


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