Manufacton & WoHo Partnership

Manufacton & WoHo Partnership

Interested in hearing about Manufacton‘s newest partnership with WoHo Systems, Inc.? WoHo is tackling the global housing crisis and leveraging Manufacton as the execution platform. Click the link below to read about the partnership, as well as comments from Manufacton’s CEO and Founder Raghi Iyengar and WoHo COO Allen Marcum. Huge thank you to Israel Ruiz, Borja Soriano, Jason Barber, PE, and Justin Schwaiger, PE, as well as everyone else at Manufacton and WoHo, for making this happen!

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As we've expanded our prefabrication operations, keeping track of all the moving pieces has become increasingly vital. Manufacton helps tie our process together from inception to completion, streamlining projects and aiding us in creating effective and consistent lines of communication.

Brian Lewis

Regional Vice President,
Interstate Electrical Services

We had been struggling to provide visibility into our production ‘black box’ to our project coordinators and field superintendents. In addition to helping our shop foremen organize production, the mobile app from Manufacton is used by our field and office teams to know exactly what has been produced and where it is right now.

brian potter

President and CEO,
TG Gallagher

When you have multiple workflows where some overlap and others run parallel, communication is a key factor in effective process management. Whether it’s communication between workflows, or communication between project stakeholders; Manufacton helps streamline those communication channels by making critical information easily accessible.

troy galvin

Former Manager of PCL Agile,